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POP-COLOR/20 The future is on NEOFOAM

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  • POP-COLOR/20

Standard Foamboard : POP-COLOR/20


Specially designed Color Board, featuring as 10mm/20mm/30mm of Thickness, with the combination of 14 colors of paper on both side and 12 colors of Foam Core

  • Lettering and Channel Sign for Short-Term or Indoor Display
  • Doorplate, Nameplate, and Designed Calligraphy
  • 14 Colors of Paper by 12 Colors of Foam Core can produce 168 type of Different colors
  • As bold as 20 mm/30mm thickness FoamBoards increase 3D effect in Indoor Signage


  • 14 colors of Outlook Paper : Black, Pink, Vermilion, Yellow, Cream, Light Green, Dark Green, Gray, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Brown, Orange, Red, Violet
  • 12 Colors of Foam Core : Light Blue, Cream, Shell Pink, Brown, Gray, Black, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Orange, Violet


  • Lettering, Doorplate, Design Sign in Indoors



14 Colors Paper / 12 Colors Foam Core / 14 Colors Paper

POP-COLOR/20 Self-Adhesive

Pressure sensitive adhesive and Paper liner on one side of POP-COLOR/20

Standard Format


10mm (3/8"), 20mm (3/4")

Standard Format

500 x 700mm

700 x 1000mm

  • Customized sizes available